Andre Liem

My top 10 favourites of being a freelance software developer

I decided to work for myself about 3 years ago (2013) when me and my wife decided to move to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. It was far from being a clear cut decision. The factors were a mix of cost of living in uber expensive Vancouver, slower pace of life, easier access to child care, less pressure to both work full time… The one thing that was clear cut for me was that the technology sector in Nanaimo is small, very small, so I knew that contracting as a freelancer was my only reliable option for making a living. It took me about 1 year to really get things going, but I can say that it’s been a very enjoyable experience with some mistakes but I would say mostly positive wins. Instead of sharing war stories, which I might do in another post, I thought a good summary of my top 10s would be helpful to those thinking about freelancing or to peers doing it already looking to compare notes.

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