Andre Liem

How to load images responsively with WordPress

When building or modifying a theme for WordPress that is responsive you’ll likely encounter a small issue around image sizes.

How can you display the optimal image for each viewing device to optimize the speed?

This is a very important area to consider as you don’t want mobile users spending a lot of time waiting for an image to download. This article will walk through a common scenario where you need to display images in a gallery or carousel. Continue with reading

JavaScript Tidbit #1 – object keys and single quotes

Well it’s official, I let my personal blog get dated… as it happens when you have a “busy” life. That being said, my summer resolution is to post up all the things I learn and feel will be useful for the web development community. Instead of crafting  lengthy long posts which take a while to prepare, I’ve decided to take the microblog approach and  share daily learnings or concepts I’ve recently found useful to be reminded about.

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