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Playspedia – my latest creation

Playspedia is my latest creation that I’ve taken on for 2011. In short, it’s the Ultimate playbook for people to share animated plays with dragging and dropping, and annotating each step. My brother and I created this after running the Ultimatehandbook for many years and realized there was not a simple way for Ultimate players to illustrate plays online. While it’s still in its very early stages, Playspedia has been quickly adopted by the community and shared on various blogs.

In addition, we’re cooking up some new features features that we expect to roll out by Fall 2011. While it is currently only for Ultimate Frisbee, we plan on opening it up to more sports as we get through the “beta” phase.

Technical Side
Playspedia runs on CodeIgniter, MySql and jQuery and was developed with the help of a few friends and my brother. It was my first major personal project where I decided to use the CodeIgniter PHP framework. Having used Zend I decided that it was time to use something leaner, and CodeIgniter seemed like a great fit as it’s very lean and fast. Although some developers consider CodeIgniter to be a basic framework, I think it’s a perfect framework for those who wish to customize and build their own design constructs. It is very basic at its core, but it’s also very easy to extend to create a very well fine tuned application.

Product Side
Coming up with the idea came straight from the Ultimatehandbook website that I run. After hearing from many players, primarily coaches, that they wanted to create plays, I decided it was time to give them this option. Instead of relying on Flash, which is on its way out, usingĀ  Javascript made a lot of sense given the progress that has been made with lib/frameworks like jQuery. It was clear from the first early launch that players loved it and that it was actually being used for its purpose. While it’s still in its infancy stages, we are learning a lot and will be releasing a lot of major features to make the site the Ultimate source for plays.

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  1. Have you ever thought of porting this to a mobile platform. It is on the web, but I imagine having a tablet at practice and having all of your drills and being able to show the new people the drills and such.

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